Happy Customers.

Fantastic Web cam, well worth the annual fee.

Clive Taylor

This must be the best web cam in the country. My wife and I watch it every morning on a 65in 4k smart TV. We watched the sun rise this morning. My wife went down to Cornwall on thursday and I was able to "freeze" the train and take a picture of her stood by the door window. Good fun!. The live Dawlish train tracker is a great help knowing when trains are coming.

David hope

Fantastic website...lovely scenery and great video quality.

Alyson Quinn Tim Quinn

A fantastic and favourite cam. HD with sound, makes one feel as if one is actually there. Not just for the trains but also for the fantastic outlook and constant enjoyment. Well done DB.

Elaine Turvey

Have been following them for some time now it's brill you just want to be there which is exactly what I intend to do !!! Can't wait to try crab shack !!! Be seeing you.

Angela Foster


Danny Skidmore

Love it good video footage n my son likes to see the trains pass.

Kerry Lloyd

How good the webcam and what a great job to get the railway back to normal in an area of out standing beauty.

David Constable

Excellent video quality, good view of the line and beach, and audio as well!

Eric Bray

Great webcam. Quality is superb. Lots and lots going on. Recommend you take a look.

Nigel Duncan Smith

Perfect really like to view this Cam its excellent quality.

Oliver Mullins

Thanks to Simon for locating footage of my son and I on the last leg of our massive run yesterday.

Rich Bobblehat

Worth every penny great to watch thx DB

Mike Greeenaway

Love looking at the pictures and videos. Especially the railway videos and photographs.

Alan Trohear

Thank you. This is amazing. I miss it there as I am originally from Brixham.

Tyrina Joy McGehee

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Rail News

A fortnight on Sunday Jun 3rd heralds the start of the steam specials that travel along the Dawlish and Teignmouth sea walls throughout the summer months until September 16th. The first one is the Torbay Express with Southern Region Merchant Navy class 35028 Clan Line...

Sea Wall Walk

After my swim this morning I took a long cut home along the sea wall...

Evening train passes, Dawlish & Teignmouth.

For the third night running the Rail Replacement train sped through Teignmouth station turning it into a wind tunnel which nearly blew Nick over! Locos were as before Freightliner 66568 & 66550 This was followed by DB Cargo 66142 and 66221 top and tailing 5...

DRS route learning exercise.

DRS sent two 37's numbers 37218 and 37259 on a driver route training exercise from Crewe to Penzance on 14/15th May. The video is of the return passing through Dawlish.