We at Dawlish Beach are truly thankful to The Cathedrals Express for again providing us with a fantastic star prize for our Christmas competition. The following article and photos have been put together with the help of our competition winner Angie.


Arriving in good time for the Cathedrals Express luncheon tour we were able to take some photos of †45407 The Lancashire Fusilier, what a great engine she looked too, all decked up with tinsel for this very festive tour.††The prize we had won on the Dawlish Beach Cam free Christmas draw was for first class but we decided that as it was Christmas we would upgrade to Pullman Dining. The tables were neatly laid up and the carriage decorated †for Christmas, it looked absolutely stunning!. We departed from platform 2 at 9.43 a.m as timetabled and slowly snaked our way out of Victoria towards Bromley South which was the second and final pickup point, spotting a few London iconic buildings on the way. Arriving at Bromley South we picked up the final †excited†passengers and the coach we were in then was full. We were allocated a table of 4 even though there was only 2 of us which enabled us to spread ourselves out a little. We were then served with complimentary†Champagne and orange juice which was then followed by tea and coffee. Our journey †then had properly begun, steaming speedily towards the Kent countryside, although the trees are all bare at this time of year, the land looked rather lush. We did have some rain on the journey which spoilt the visibility a little, especially as we steamed through Dover but we did manage to get a small glimpse of the infamous White Cliffs.††On the tables of the train we were given a brochure which gave us details of the route which were extremely helpful to us as we had not visited this part of the country before, there was some fantastic information on this. At approximately 12.00 the service of lunch begun, the staff were extremely busy and worked so hard but nothing was too much trouble for them. We had Canapes, Amuse Bouch, a Salmon starter, Roast Turkey Lunch, Christmas pudding, cheese & biscuits followed by Coffee with mints and macaroons.We were also given a complimentary half bottle of wine each to accompany our lunch†too.†It was served at a very leisurely †pace and was absolutely delicious, compliments go to the chefs and their team as it cant be the easiest thing to do on a moving train. †This tour† was a 6 hour journey and we loved every single minute of it, we were warm and comfortable††for the whole of the journey, we†were so well looked after by the host team and all the staff who came to our tables on a regular basis to check that †everything was ok. i would like to thank†Cathedrals Express and Dawlish Beach Cam for our wonderful prize, we will certainly be looking at doing another tour with them again soon. †Angie Ward.

As i’m sure you can tell, Angie and her husband Sam had an amazing day and experience with The Cathedrals Express and we are delighted that they now wish to repeat the experience on other tours.

The following gallery show some of Angies shots and hopefully if they come out, the photos of the informative brochure that the Cathedrals Express produced to enhance the journey with information and points of interest.

Thank you once again to Angie and to the Cathedrals Express for making this possible.


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