The 2016 Dawlish Beach Christmas Competition winners have now been drawn and we would like to take the opportunity to thank each of you that have taken the time to enter. We hope that you will Join us in expressing thanks to all of our generous sponsors. With over £1,000 of prizes up for grabs we have been very fortunate to find Santa’s sack so full of goodies.

Please do remember our sponsors products if you are considering Christmas gifts or looking for ideas when visiting Dawlish.

The Sponsors and Winners will be listed below. Prizes need to be claimed by 6pm on Monday 14th December 2016 where stated. This is because some of the prizes are location and date sensitive and †therefore time is short. All other prizes need to be claimed by 31st December 2015. Winners need to contact us at with the details of the prize claimed and full contact details. Any prizes not claimed by the above deadlines will be redrawn if unclaimed. We will mark these dates on this list to assist clarification.

  • Draw 1 – Jack Sprats Christmas meal for two – Joanne How (Claim by 14th December deadline)
  • Draw 2 – Coal Model man Britannia Model – Penny Bale (Claim by 31st December deadline)
  • Draw 3 – Dawlish Beach Calendar – Jemma Lea Vooght, Barry Salt, John Swarby, Sam Merrick and Mel Bayliss (Claim by 31st December deadline)
  • Draw 4 – Ten Green Bottles £50 Christmas decorations voucher – Emma Masters (Claim by 14th December deadline)
  • Draw 5 – Heritage Railway Magazine 12 month Subscription – Alan Swinson† (Claim by 31st December deadline)
  • Draw 6 – The Cathedrals Express White Cliffs trip on 22/12/2015 – Carol Richards (Claim by deadline)
  • Draw 7 – Alan’s Taxis Airport Voucher – Jenny Cook† (Claim by 31st December deadline)
  • Draw 8 – Cofton Holiday Park swim and dine voucher – Annelisa Warburton Parle† (Claim by 31st December deadline)
  • Draw 9 – Ian Allan Publishing Railway books – Mike Greenaway, Shirl Turner, Angie Ward, Jacqui o’Reilly and Stephen Bowness† (Claim by 31st December deadline)
  • Draw 10 – Dawlish Beach 12 month Gold Membership – Austin Garrity, Amanda Dudley, Kerry Seaton, Steve Jerome and Roger Mayes.† (Claim by 31st December deadline)
  • Draw 11 – Railcam 12 months supporters package – Rhys Underwood.† (Claim by 31st December deadline)
  • Draw 12 – Blenheim B&B room 5 for 8th & 9th April 2016 – Lisa Ballard.† (Claim by 31st December deadline)

Our congratulations to all of our winners and we look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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