Good afternoon DB’ers. Welcome back after the Christmas and Boxing day lulls in activity. We hope that you have all had a good couple of days and have now had your fill of Turkey and Christmas pudding.

With no trains running on either Christmas day or Boxing day it’s been rather quiet but i’ve taken a few snaps anyway. Yesterday started with some colourful shots and considering what the north of the country was receiving, our weather was positively wonderful. Plenty of folk took advantage and went for a walk along the wall. Today however see’s the wind returning and some heavy showers although compared to what we have forecast during the week, it’s just a little challenging to hold on to your brolly. Keep an eye on the cameras from tea time on Tues as the run up to high tide could well be spectacular and amongst the roughest conditions we have had since the wall was washed out almost two years ago! there may also be some good viewing tonight from around tea time with high tide around 8pm.

With all that info then remember we have our sale on until New Years day so now is most definitely the time to subscribe if weather is your interest!