As we say goodbye to 2015 with our final and appropriate moonlight shot we would just like to say a few things. Firstly Dawlish Beach is about you our followers and supporters. Without you we just wouldn’t exist! We are so grateful for your contributions in providing material, news. information, photo’s and videos. Additionally we want to add our thanks for the support via our social media. Without the Likes, Comments and Shares that you give to the page we just wouldn’t get our page the huge audience that it has. The last couple of days has been phenomenal and for the first time ever our Facebook posts have been seen by over one Million people in a single week period. That is a figure that was way beyond anything we ever dreamed of being possible and is down to our DB’ers approving of what we do. A huge thank you and a request that you all continue to do the same in 2016 please!

Our Year has seen some significant milestones. We started the year with just over 5,400 followers and end it with 22,600 from 126 different countries. We send each and everyone of you best wishes for the new year. We have had our meteorite, a bird of prey display and our giant train wash as our most followed posts, we filmed the Dawlish Airshow live and to our best ability and have launched our brand new website with a fantastic response from our subscribers. We have even managed our first Calendar.

So On behalf of Neil, Myself and those who help us behind the scenes, we wish you a fantastic and special New Year from Dawlish Beach!