As you can see from the cover photo, the surf is most definitely up. The current conditions and forecast suggest 40 mph + winds from now until well after the high tide at 8.30 pm. The wind direction is currently southern and will no doubt have an effect but not as spectacular as an easterly.

Tomorrow suggests quite a pleasant day until late afternoon when the wind again turns from south westerly to westerly and possibly south easterly. The speeds currently forecast are presently up to around 60 mph and those conditions are likely to remain for 24 hours. There is a Met Office yellow warning of wind for Devon and some areas may possibly be affected by coastal flooding.

Please keep watching the page and we will update with news, pictures and video from the cameras as required.

The Blenheim camera is presently suffering with a salt covered view. We will get to it and give it a clean as soon as we are granted access to the room to do this.