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As some of you may be aware, we have a new website on the way for 2016. If you have already purchased a calendar from the shop, then you have already visited the new Dawlish Beach site!

Our new Dawlish Beach website will run a lot fasterandhave a brand new integrated DBchat system for subscribers.

We aim to go live with the new subscription service from Monday 21st of December and after this point subscriptions won’t be available to purchase from the old site however any previous subscriptions will still be active until the subscription is up.

There will be a free trial available for anyone signing up to the new site so you cantry it out before you subscribe.

Any subscribers using the recurring subscriptions on the old website will be contacted in due course to arrange moving your subscription to the new site.

Our main aim with this new site is to make it simpler for the end user but still be powerful enough to offer many new features and functions.

New Features

  • You will be able to log in and purchase via a Social Media Button. No more remembering usernames and passwords.
  • Shop available formerchandiseas well as subscriptions.
  • Purchase gift certificates forsubscriptions and merchandise for friends and family.
  • New integrated chat system that can be with you on any page if required.
  • Also accept credit card direct from the site.

Feel free to have a look around the new siteas the shop is already fully functional and there are buttons at the top right of each website to take you to the other site.

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