What a difference in a few hours! From the stormy conditions of last night to such a beautiful morning on the South Devon coast. I’ve given you a few of the early shots taken today while the sun was rising. It really won’t be long until the sun rises back on San Remo and is high enough to take off the sun glasses when watching Blenheim.

Now for todays all important forecast and information on conditions. The forecast suggests that if you fancy a walk then about now is the time to use the wall. Conditions should remain much the same until around 5 or 6 pm although the wind will be increasing to around 20 mph. Sunset is listed as 16.17 and with the fall of night storm Frank appears. From 6pm we are expecting winds to be between 40 – 50 mph so the high tide at 21.01 could be a repeat of last nights conditions or even stormier. Wind direction is still listed as Southerly but if it moves slightly Easterly then it will add to the conditions.

Wednesday morning will potentially see the worst of the conditions. Winds are again Southerly at present but they will increase to 60 mph + and this is due at High tide at around 9.11 and we are still on spring tides to add to the potential issues.

Please do remember to let us have your pictures or videos so that we can share them to all DB’ers. We will update with news, pictures and videos as best we can but please all remain safe and watch on the cams rather than putting yourself and others at risk.