The latest weather warning forecast is available at and so far we have lively conditions being forecast for :-

  • 10pm tonight
  • Monday morning up tp high tide around 9am
  • Monday teatime for up to 24 hours

We should, if the forecast remains the same see some of the most severe conditions to hit the wall since the severe weather of two years ago. Please be aware that it could get quite nasty on the seawall with not only water being thrown about but stones, debris and just about anything loose being thrown across the footpath and railway. The best and safest place to view from will be the Dawlish Beach cameras.

If as yet you don’t subscribe to the live camera feeds then maybe now is the time? make the most of our New Year sale offer and come and join us. We don’t think you will be disappointed and you will see just how addictive watching nature at it’s wildest can be.

For those just watching the facebook page we will do our best to provide the latest news, conditions, photos and videos of any developments.