A late good evening from me today so apologies. It’s been a very mixed day of sunshine and showers although i can’t be sure if we caught any snow falling. Certainly Daertmoor and Haldon have had snow falls so be careful if you are out and about. The forecast is for clear skies and freezing temperatures for tonight and tomorrow. Lookout for Sunday and Monday because we have a forecast suggesting some rough conditions hitting the wall. At present we have 40 mph + winds headed our way but mostly through the night so unlikely to cause much disruption.

So back to today and we have some more viewers photo’s to share with you including the amazing cover shot from Paul of this morning’s sunrise. Please do keep sending the photo’s in. It’s great to see your memories and we love sharing them on the page. We also had the NMT passing or the flying Banana, which ever title you prefer! We also had a tamper pass but that was as good as it gets for now. The issues affecting the cameras at present are down to internet issues in the Dawlish area and please be assured that we are doing everything possible to get our service back to normal.

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