New Year arrived and so did Gertrude. A few shots taken throughout the day on both cameras. Wind was South Easterly and got up to 50 mph + this afternoon and if you look through the pictures then you’ll see for yourself how much surf we have had throughout the entire day. Amazingly just one Voyager was cancelled so even with these conditions, rail services were less disrupted than many areas of the country.

Tonight will see more of the same, if not slightly worse with stronger winds still coming from the South Easterly direction. It’s likely to cause most disruption for a couple of hours either side of the high tide at 22.43. Winds should begin to drop at around 4 am.

Sunday is also at risk of disruption as the next front arrives. Again it is being forecast as South Easterly but the strongest winds should have passed before High tide. We will of course keep you posted.