Good morning DB’ers and welcome to another week on Dawlish Beach. What can we say other than welcome back to normality and the return of everyday routine. We hope you have enjoyed your festive break and the New Year resolutions are being strictly adhered to.

After an incredibly busy week here on Dawlish Beach we seem to be returning to normal as well. With the storms of the past week battering the wall we have received an incredible amount of press coverage with local, national and international coverage of our footage and news. We have been joined by another 4,000 followers over the past couple of weeks and our posts have been seen by a staggering 1.2 Million people on Facebook over the last 7 days. We hope you have enjoyed our storm coverage and that we have presented many different angles and viewpoints to keep you interested. Please do give us some feedback, positive or negative, as this is the only way for us to know if we are providing what you want. It was fantastic to have so many viewers contributions to include and we thank those for adding to our coverage.

So today really does see everything back to normal. The wind has died down and returned to the normal sheltered Westerly and we have a mix of sun and showers with trains passing on the regular timetable. We are back to our gentle view of the South Devon coast and showing off the very best of what Devon has to offer.