After yesterday’s busy time watching engineering trains passing, it seems rather appropriate that part 4 of Colins series is based on the renewal of the track a few years ago. We haven’t individually labelled the photos this week as it’s fairly self explanatory, However if you do have a specific question then please feel free to ask or comment on the facebook post.

This week a look back to the extensive rail replacement that took place†at Dawlish†during November and December 2005. – Colin Campbell.


It wasn’t†just a case of changing the actual metal rail but involved the complete removal of the old track and sleepers and then the old ballast before laying a new foundation core of fresh ballast before the new†sleepers†could be†put into place. Next came the fitting of the new rail and then another application of ballast to hold the sleepers in place. Fortunately a lot of the hard work is done these days by very sophisticated track machines. All this was then followed up a little later with a tamper to settle the ballast and ensure the line was level before a temporary speed restriction could be removed. The rail enthusiasts were well served†when a number of Class 59’s & 60’s,†neither of which are regularly seen along the sea wall†, were brought in to top & tail the engineers trains.

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