After a few very quiet days i’m actually able to bring you some activity on the wall! Our thanks to Colin for going on to the wall with his camera and providing the great shots of 37057 on the test train. I understood it traveled from Exeter to Plymouth so that it could be reversed at Laira triangle before returning. It really was good to catch this one in daylight even if it was wet and miserable otherwise. We have also had a couple of days of 70801 running up and down on driver training duties although the amount of times it has passed it could have been mistaken for a big yellow taxi.

As far as weather is concerned, we have had XC cancelling voyagers this afternoon with severe weather conditions being the reason. Well it’s choppy and a fair 20mph wind but i’ve seen them run in much worse than this. Do XC have inside info from the almighty? The down side of the wet and windy conditions is that we haven’t been able to spot the line up of planets on Blenheim yet. This should be visible for another 3 weeks but after that it’s going to be ten years.

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