We are delighted to bring you news of a new feature on Dawlish Beach. Many of you have enjoyed the contributions from Colin with his photos and videos of specials passing along the wall. We can now announce that Colin has agreed to join the Dawlish Beach team to provide a weekly post where he will share past and present visits. We will hopefully publish one every Sunday and we thank Colin in advance for what we know will be a delightful addition to the site.

Seawall Specials Past and Present – Colin Campbell

GWR 3440 City of Truro was built in 1903 to a design by George Jackson Churchward. It was credited with being the first steam locomotive to attain 100mph in May 1904 whilst running down Wellington Bank in Somerset.

At the time the GWR wouldn’t release this information as they thought it would frighten passengers away rather than encourage them to travel on their railway! There has always been some doubt about the accuracy of the timing so it has never become an official record though doubtless it was there or thereabouts. The 100mph record was granted to the famous “Flying Scotsman” loco which is currently making news after completing it’s