As dear old Larry Grayson used to say, “Ooh what a grey day!” and looking at the forecast, it’s due to be much the same for the entire day.

Screenshot 2016-02-21 08.43.59

This is the view from Blenheim this morning with very little activity going on. Trains are scheduled to run again from around 10am with a couple of ECS movements. The first passenger service is 10.17 Exmouth to Paignton.

Screenshot 2016-02-21 08.43.45

The view from San Remo is much the same although i believe it’s much windier over at Exmouth as we are sheltered with the Westerly direction.



At present we have freight booked to return as follows :-

10.28 – 636Z – Totnes to Westbury

10.39 – 653Z – Totnes to Westbury

11.41 – 777K – Lipson Junction to Westbury

11.45 – 622Z – Tavistock Jn Plant Dept to Westbury

These may well change so the list is only a guide.

Please remember to look out for the next part of Colin’s Past and Present series later on today. It should be published after lunch but i’m just waiting for a final addition to be added.

Time for me to go and enjoy my coffee now. Please remember to send us a mug shot if you are buying a DB mug! Stocks are going quickly so don’t miss out.