We announced at the start of the year that we would cease streaming from the original Dawlish Beach website due to a software malfunction that the developers refused to acknowledge was their issue.

We were very upset with this as it cause months of extra work but as a result we now havea far superior subscription service and website.

It has given us an opportunity to rebuild this new website from the ground upand adding additional features to enhance your Dawlish Beach experience.

We understand that this process has been frustrating for some and deeply apologise for this.

If you are new to Dawlish Beach please visit the shop to sign up for one of our great value subscriptions.

If you were a monthly subscriber, please also view the shop to see if any of the other subscriptions are appealing. Alternatively, you can just sign up for another monthly again as your subscription to the original site has already been cancelled and your PayPal payments stopped. You will also get another free trial too.

We have sent out emails to every subscriber with instructions on how to move over to the new website. If you have not received these, please messages us here of via email.

If you have received the email and are still struggling then please call us on 07526 8522042 (please do not call unless you have tried the instructions in the email).

This is a temporary number we have set up to assist those still struggling to sign up to the new site with the email instructions.

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