For those storm watches out there here are the latest details of what we are expecting over the next few days.

The latest storm to approach us is Imogen and her arrival comes with an amber flood warning along with heavy rain and strong winds. There are currently flood warnings in place for the Teign and Dart. As far as the wall is concerned, we have winds between 42 and 48 mph forecast from 6pm until 10pm tonight. High tide is 17.50 with a height of 4.25m. Wind direction is forecast as South Westerly turning Westerly and so we should be fairly sheltered from the most severe conditions.

Monday continues with the same warnings being upgraded to yellow for rain and wind with 1am until 7pm having winds forecast from a westerly direction and with speeds ranging between 40 and 59 mph throughout,

We will of course keep a close eye on things from the cameras and will report anything of importance.