Well what other title could i possibly give to this post? Are we talking about Neil and myself? well maybe but I’m sure a lot of you would have seen the announcement this week that we are now selling our very own Dawlish Beach mugs but i thought i’d give you a little background into the whole project.

Towards the end of summer 2015 Neil and myself were being asked if we would be doing a calendar using some of the shots shared over the year. We took the interest seriously and did indeed produce our first ever Dawlish Beach merchandise for retail sale. We sold out and we thank each of you who purchased one and we trust that you like what you have received for your money. Whilst working on the calendar we considered other requests for official Dawlish Beach merchandise and decided that we would attempt a mug. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy sitting down with a cuppa while watching the waves hit the trains? I know i become addicted at times and barely move for hours without realising. So how do we go about producing a mug? As Neil works so hard on the technical side of the site i’m afraid i draw the short straw for such projects. I actually quite enjoy it to be honest but this really had me at sixes and sevens. Have you ever tried typing in “Photo mug” into a search engine? I had hundreds of different sites in the results and my oh my did we need to ensure we found the right one.

We pride ourselves at Dawlish Beach on our quality and commitment to our DB’ers. We use the ethos that we are all part of the same family and therefore nothing but the best is good enough. Some of these well known sites just wanted to charge a ridiculous amount of money for merely applying a transfer onto a mug and had no care beyond getting their money. For anyone considering a similar idea for fundraising or promoting their business i have found a little gem of a supplier!