We know that Dawlish Beach has a huge international following for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that we all just love to see the waves crashing over the wall in stormy conditions. Are you a weather fan? do you often find yourself looking for the lightning in a storm? Do you watch the waves crashing?

We have just begun mapping our weather conditions on to a new interactive map along with other people from across Europe. The site is http://www.map.eustorm.com/ and if you click on the live map you will see the latest weather pictures that i have posted via Twitter. The site is looking for more people to contribute and i thought it would be great if we could see how many DB’ers would like to assist. I know from the live chat that several users are keen to give a weather report for their own location every morning. It’s so typically British to be obsessed with the weather! We also know that our most popular posts to date have all involved extreme weather conditions.

It’s very easy to join in if you have a Twitter account. All you need to do is type #eustorm and have your location switched on. As soon as you tweet your picture or report will appear directly onto the live map.

I’m hoping that we have some stormy conditions to post on to the map over the next few days but don’t worry as i will still be posting the photos on to Dawlish Beach.

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