How much do you know about Dawlish Beach? Many people think we are purely a page on Facebook that publish the occasional pictures of Trains. Others think we are weather focused. Some think we are here to promote the town of Dawlish. Well we try to do all of those things. Unbelievably after two years of live 24/7 broadcasting to the world, some people still don’t realise that we have “Live” cameras that are available to watch. We have had our pictures and videos featured in local, national and international news features now and many of these media outlets are so keen that they follow us keenly.

How to watch? I’ve been asked this very question again today. It’s all very easy honestly. If you can read this then you can watch the live streams from the cameras. All you need to do is visit our shop button at the top of this page. We offer many different levels of subscription times and types to suit everyone. Whilst we would dearly love to bring Dawlish to the world free of charge, the HD level we use to broadcast in, along with the cameras do not come cheap and the subscriptions cover those broadcasting costs rather than generate some huge profit for anyone. The more we generate from subscriptions, the more we can bring to the world with updates and more cameras.

Additionally to the subscriptions we have now expanded into merchandise. Our first Calendar sold out in December and now we have