Quite typically for me on a Monday lunchtime, i find myself addressing mugs to go to the post office while flicking through the rewind facility of the Gold subscription. So ok my secret is out and i am not glued 24/7 to the Dawlish Beach live feeds snapping away at anything that comes past! It’s when you take the time to go back and take a snap shot that you occasionally get a few cracking pictures just by pure chance and this morning on San Remo was just that! some incredible colours i hope you will agree and then to watch through the gallery as the weather went from one extreme to the other. This all reminds me of why i love these views so much and just how much i miss being there in person.

Most of the images today are weather ones and although the class 56’s with newly refurbished HST coaches was cancelled, due to one of the locos and a coach derailing in the yard, we did at least have a return of a colas 66 with rail panels passing the blenheim just before sunrise.

Hope you enjoy the gallery!

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