What a treat it was to catch the farewell flypast today. There has been a lot of interest in this and we trust you enjoyed the videos. Our thanks to all who have shared pictures with us.




The Sea King’s arrival at Dawlish seen flying over Langstone rock on this glorious warm Spring morning. – Colin Campbell



5 Sea Kings and a Merlin in support – Colin Campbell



Nice V formation held throughout the entire Journey – Colin Campbell




Sea Kings approaching San Remo as caught by Eric Bray




Great parting shot from Colin Campbell




I love this shot sent in by Sally Monk and taken from Lea Mount


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Another stunning shot this time by Simon Edgar




Passing over Lepe, Hampshire. Photo courtesy of Rob Henley and sent in by Corrine Mactavish




The same aircraft over Plymouth sound – Gary Lockton

Thanks again to all who have sent in pictures for this final pass. Another faithful servant sent on it’s way.


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