What a beautiful day! Although the day started with a foggy sunrise again, it turned out to be a day for a walk on the wall. The forecast for the next few days really isn’t too bad at all but be warned that there is an Easterly wind getting up to around 15mph so we may well have a few splash shots to share with you.

Back to today and the highlight has to be 37025 passing in glorious conditions. Colin has kindly been out with his camera and taken a few pictures to share with you. The rest are just my general shots from San Remo and Blenheim cameras which show the day overall.

We hope you enjoyed Colin’s Past and Present series today. It was certainly a treat for the many HST enthusiasts that follow our page. I’ve had no Swan and Signet shots today and as these are proving to be extremely popular feel free to post any to our facebook page.


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