We are getting some very mixed weather today with a strong Westerly wind pushing huge banks of cloud through the bay. It’s going to be very much this way for the next few days but here’s the warning for you. Sunday morning has a high spring tide and we are currently being forecast 20 mph + winds from the East. This will no doubt cause a bit of disruption on the wall if the forecast remains the same. Those conditions look set to continue throughout Sunday and Monday and should give us some excellent viewing while washing a few trains. Please be sensible, i’d suggest a different location for your morning walk or jog fro at least two hours either side of the high tides. Sunday’s high tide is 9.31 am and 4.79 m so get yourself a morning cuppa in your DB mug and watch from your chair.

A few shots from this morning shows how different things have been as the morning passed by.

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Screenshot 2016-04-06 10.35.13


Screenshot 2016-04-06 11.46.26

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Screenshot 2016-04-06 11.46.34


Screenshot 2016-04-06 11.54.52


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Screenshot 2016-04-06 12.16.01


Screenshot 2016-04-06 12.16.23


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