This amazing picture was captured by one of our Dawlish Beach supporters yesterday whilst walking around the town. The Seal that has been living off the coast recently has been spotted and caught on camera many times but as yet had not been far enough out of the water to identify the likely breed. This amazing snap of the seal exploring up the brook is believed to be the first time she has been caught out of the sea. Icelandic marine expert Pilaf Loor believes the seal is looking for a suitable place to nest before laying eggs which are likely to hatch around September time. He went on to state that the seal is of the extremely rare breed Opal fir lo which translates to green fur belly in ancient Eskimo language. He was amazed that the seal had ventured into such a busy place and stated that it was unlikely that the famous black swans would be evicted as the seals typically prefer quieter nesting grounds.

Please let us know if anyone else spotted her on the lower weir and please do share any photo’s you may have!