Good Morning DB’ers! My apologies for not doing these yesterday but unfortunately i was otherwise engaged. So catch up it it! Our thanks to Colin for going out on his camera again to catch the unusual passes and our thanks also go to those who have posted their pictures to the page. We have had some fantastic material this week so please keep it coming.

As far as yesterday’s seal post is concerned, well yes it was April 1st and we were delighted to see so many of you enjoyed the fun. The post was seen by almost 40,000 people and that’s all down to your shares, likes and comments. It always amazes me just how far social media can spread but lets hope we have brought a few more to our page to enjoy the daily pictures, videos and news.


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We had one of the most incredible sunrises yesterday and i hope you saw the gallery that i posted, If not then it’s worth going back for a look! This beautiful shot was sent in my Sara Cooper and i’ll always envy the view from her windows!



Next up is the early morning view from Blenheim and San Remo sent in by Sarah Perks. The Moon has been rising around 3 am over the last few days and it’s been strange to view it on Blenheim while watching the sun rise on San Remo.



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Next up was Colas 66849 running light to Goodrington for the second day in a row but this time it returned with the Railvac or Noo noo in tow. These shots were sent in by Eric Bray.



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Now it’s Colins turn.