As always our intrepid Colin Campbell has been out on our behalf to bring you some extra shot’s and video of today’s visitor.

Running to time 46100 Royal Scot leaves Dawlish Warren after waiting in the platform loop whilst the Edinburgh-Plymouth Cross Country service took precedence. Being without the unfortunate absence of the Black 5, the diesel which was due to follow the Gt. Britain IX was called into action on the rear of the train to give the extra power needed to surmount the formidable inclines of Dainton and Rattery (1 in 38 & 1 in 47 respectively) The 10 coach train is too heavy to be tackled by one locomotive. This was the practice in BR steam times when an extra engine was added at Newton Abbot to pilot the expresses to Plymouth. – Colin Campbell.

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Colin even caught the GWR 150 while waiting.


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