Yet again we have had varying conditions across the country with Thunderstorms, Rain and Hail but, our little piece of paradise has withstood that today and blessed us with a beaytiful day to encourage the walkers along the wall. We started with another incredible sunrise which looked as if it had sliced through the Devon coastline. We did have various amounts of light cloud but again the evening is coming to a close with cloudless skies above us.

As well as the conditions to enjoy we also had the visit of the Cornish Explorer with it’s class 57’s top and tailing between Chester and Penzance and then returning. It may not have been the wonderful steam that we had last week but it’s still a welcome variation to our usual runs.


Screenshot 2016-04-30 17.23.49


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Additionally to the Railway Special we also have our own Dawlish Beach Special to Celebrate our milestone of an amazing 25,000 page followers!



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The first pass of the Cornish Explorer from this morning.

Screenshot 2016-04-30 10.30.23


Screenshot 2016-04-30 10.30.31

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Screenshot 2016-04-30 10.30.47


Screenshot 2016-04-30 10.30.55

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A few general condition shots taken throughout the day. Love some of the candyfloss cloud patterns on Blenheim.


Screenshot 2016-04-30 12.28.24


Screenshot 2016-04-30 12.29.17

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Screenshot 2016-04-30 15.04.00


Screenshot 2016-04-30 16.19.36

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Screenshot 2016-04-30 17.16.48


Screenshot 2016-04-30 17.19.48


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And finally for today The Cornish Explorer returns with it’s two West Coast class 57’s.

Screenshot 2016-04-30 17.53.43


Screenshot 2016-04-30 17.54.07


Screenshot 2016-04-30 17.54.51