For months we have been toying with the idea of live streaming from remote spots in and around Dawlish and now that 4G is starting to spread to more areas of Devon, this is becoming more of a reality.

We’ve been scouting various points in and around Devon that could be great places to bring you live footage from professional video†cameras.

Even though this video is quite jumpy, we had around 20MB of bandwidth to play with on 4G at Pinhoe station. That’s 10 times the bandwidth we use for our cameras in Dawlish.

However, at Exeter St Davids, there was under 0.5MB so the quality really suffered.

As most of you know we want the quality of our services to be stunning so we have a little more work to do but we are really happy with the outcome today even though the quality suffered.

In future tests we may invite you to view with us as†all feedback is valuable to us.

It would be great to hear your comments or your thoughts of Dawlish Beach also becoming a†Mobile Live Streaming service. This could be great for various events in Dawlish too.