Perfect weather for a row around the bay! Colin has been down to the wall a few times today and as well as catching the rowers we have the early morning engineers train and the final pass of the Belmond British Pullman in this set of pictures. I’ve popped a few from the cameras in too just so you don’t think i’m slacking.

In much better weather than when it came down on Friday the Belmond Pullman makes it’s way back home. – Colin Campbell






A lovely morning and quite warm. The biting wind from yesterday seems to have gone. I got the trains and boats, shame there wasn’t the plane to complete the song title for those old enough to remember it. Colin Campbell.








Screenshot 2016-04-24 10.56.59


Screenshot 2016-04-24 11.05.15


Screenshot 2016-04-24 11.07.17


Screenshot 2016-04-24 11.07.42


Screenshot 2016-04-24 12.48.58


Screenshot 2016-04-24 15.23.05