Clearly today’s highlight was the Great Britain IX tour passing this afternoon with Royal scot on the front. The tour is due to return on Wednesday at 1502 with the Penzance to Bristol Temple Meads leg of the tour. If you missed out today then maybe you can get to the wall tomorrow or try out our free trial for the live streaming?

Our thanks to those who have contributed today and hopefully we’ll have a few more tomorrow.


This was sent in bu Jade Burwood and shows Royal Scot headed through Newton Abbot.




A split second before my cover photo but this is Eric Bray’s contribution.



Screenshot 2016-04-26 15.00.03

West Coast class 57 sat on the back of the Great Britain IX after the Black 5 didn’t make the trip. The 57 was due to follow from Victoria to take over at Plymouth.



Screenshot 2016-04-26 15.00.24

46100 Royal Scot passes the Blenheim camera before lrtting out a blast on the whistle.



Screenshot 2016-04-26 15.00.35

Class 57 passes Blenheim as Royal Scot dives into Kennaway tunnel.



Screenshot 2016-04-26 15.42.42

Class 150 GWR liveried mini green machine even made an appearance today.



Screenshot 2016-04-26 15.45.03

The green 150 makes it’s way past San Remo camera. I do wish we could have a few more in this livery.



Screenshot 2016-04-26 17.51.33

FGW HST passes San Remo with some very unusual cloud above but then it has been a strange day for weather nationally!



Screenshot 2016-04-26 18.36.31

FGW HST passes Blenheim during early evening. Lovely end to the day.