A few shots sent in over the last week to share. Thanks to Harry, Clair and as always our own Colin Campbell.

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The header shot is one of Harry’s. One of the beautiful black swans that live on the brook.



Photo by Harry Geil




Another of Harry’s pictures.




Another of Harry’s pictures.




Some new arrivals on the brook! sent in by Clair Broomhead.




Now for some of Colin’s photo’s.

A lovely morning to witness the passing of Colas 70807 with a rail carrying train loaded with the used rails that have been replaced in Cornwall. It is on it’s way back to it’s Westbury depot. Nice to see the driver tooting and waving to the people on the wall.






(One for the gallery.) Not the Colas locomotive but the grey machine on the end of the wagon is the diesel powered unit that loads and unloads the continuous welded rail where each length is 600ft, that is 183 metres long. The reason trains don’t go clickety clack any more!