The Environment agency has caught up with us and now issued a weather warning for Sunday as follows…Strong winds are expected to affect the far southwest of England on Sunday, with gusts of 45-55 mph quite widely inland, locally 60 mph particularly on exposed coastlines and hills. The strong winds will accompanied by a band of rain, which may be heavy and persistent at times.

The public should be aware of difficult driving conditions with the potential for a combination of strong winds and spray on roads, with a likelihood of some minor travel disruption.


We are currently being forecast 40 – 50 mph Easterly winds around a 4.79 m high tide which is due around 9.30 am on Sunday. If the forecast is accurate then we can expect to see some conditions similar to those we experienced around the New Year where the HST powerwash videos went viral!

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I’m fully expecting there to be some disruption to services and if you choose to go down watch or photograph, please do not put yourself or anyone else in danger, Stay Safe!


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Screenshot 2015-12-30 12.08.13


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