I’m not sure how many of you will remember the photo’s we featured last year from the USA? The post’s were titled Dawlish in the USA and featured the photographs of Bob and Maryann who have their own page called BP and Riversong Railway Photography. The pictures featured the coastal lines which are almost a mirror image of our own stretch of line. Well, we are delighted to say that Bob and Maryann have been visiting the UK and chose to stay at the Blenheim in Dawlish. They have kindly agreed to share some of their photographs again and we hope you enjoy them.

5/14/2016 – The parade of trains continues! A set of “pacers” arrives at the railway station in Dawlish, UK.


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5/14/2016 a Voyager arrives in Dawlish UK.


5/14/2016 – Yes the sun is finally out as an HST 125 sweeps into Dawlish UK.


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5/14/2016 – The High Speed Train, or Intercity 125, is celebrating its 40th year operation in the UK. Great Western Railway, to celebrate this had one of it’s power cars redone in the old “British Railways” livery as it’s known. Seen here at Dawlish UK.


5/14/2016 – The HST 125 40 years motor scoots through Dawlish UK.


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5/14/2016 – Finally in some good light, we catch the famous “green” Great Western Railway HST 125 set, leaving Dawlish UK.


5/14/2016 – Finally in some good light, we catch the famous “green” Great Western Railway HST 125 set, leaving Dawlish UK.


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5/14/201Pacers head out of Dawlish UK.


5/14/2016 – Another HST 125 heads out of Dawlish, UK.


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5/14/2016 – Maryann watches a Cross Country Yoyager set from Langstone Rock at Dawlish, UK.


Bob and Maryann pointing their cameras at our San Remo camera.

Screenshot 2016-05-15 11.50.42

And a final wave before making their way to wales for the next part of the UK visit.

Screenshot 2016-05-15 11.51.00

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5/12/2016 – Great Western Railway roars along the famous seawall in Dawlish, UK.


5/12/2016 – First Great Western HST rebranded “Great Western Railway” departs Dawlish and heads for Paighton. Photo at Dawlish, UK.


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5/12/2016 – First Great Western HST now rebranded “Great Western Railway” arrives at Dawlish, UK.


5/12/2016 – A Voyager set criuses along the seawall seen from “the hill” south of Dawlish in the United Kingdom.


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5/12/2016 – A set of Class 143’s “Pacers” rolls out of Dawlish UK.


5/12/2016 – One of Great Western’s reliable HST’s swings out of Dawlish, UK. The HST 125 has recently celebrated 40 years since it’s introduction in the UK. The trainset revolutionized rail travel in Great Britain however will be facing retirement in the years ahead.


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5/12/2016 Paddington Bound, an HST at Dawlish UK.


5/12/2016 – A Cross Country HST meets a single DMU at Dawlish, UK.



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