While we sit here drinking our coffee from our DB mugs how many of us are longing to watch a storm cross in front of the cameras? Without doubt we are a nation of weather watchers and quite a few are pure fanatics when it comes to watching the lightning, listening to the thunder and watching waves crash over the sea wall. We, for the most part, are very fortunate as we don’t often suffer too many long lasting effects. But as the 2014 storm proved, not everyone remains unaffected when things get really bad.

While the great storm was a one off on epic scales i’d like you to consider the knock on effect of normal storms. We are at present on a number of flood warnings throughout the region. Heavy rain has swollen rivers as well as a few roads with very little warning. The point of this post? well let me introduce you to Ryan. A few years ago Ryan and a group of friends went about setting up a Facebook page to give Devon people an up to date view of traffic and flood issues across Devon. It’s far more detailed than the local news, who can only feature the top stories. We know the power of social media and just how quickly information can spread and so this is an ideal platform.

Southwest Travel and Flood alerts now has over 10,000 followers on Facebook and they need your help! Ryan and the team would like to expand what they do and the help that they offer across more parts of the county. It’s ok to have 10,000 watching and being thankful but as always it’s down to just a few to provide the help. Can you supply information on local issues? if so please share to