Many thanks to all who have sent in contributions again Nick, Michelle, Jason, Eric and Sarah. It really does add to our posts to have additional material to share.

The Western Challenger left London Paddington at 0737 this morning and indeed managed a non stop run to Plymouth in a partial recreation of it’s 1966 run 50 years to the day! For an old Locomotive it did impressively well and passed our cameras 16 minutes early and made it to Plymouth 20 minutes early. She was then run around before taking the tour back past the cameras to Okehampton before again running around to make the final journey up the alternative route and is planned to reach Waterloo at 2143 tonight.

The Locomotive carried the number D1058 and the nameplate of Western Nobleman but i am told by a few that it is actually D1015 Western Champion in disguise. Western Champion was the listed Traction on the Pathfinder Tours webpage and so adds a little weight to the previous information.

Lets begin with the San Remo pass and you can enjoy the smokey approach, quiet squeaky toots and a wave from the crew as she passes.



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We always love to have the train crew join in with a wave. Thank you for the interaction!

Screenshot 2016-05-07 10.07.03


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As Colin was unavailable, Nick Campbell (Colin’s son) kindly deputised and we have his pictures and video to share.

DSC_0446 (2)


DSC_0448 (2)


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Next up is view from our Blenheim camera as the Challenger runs in to Kennaway tunnel and around the wall towards Teignmouth.

Screenshot 2016-05-07 10.07.27



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Our next contribution comes from Michelle McDonald who caught the Western Challenger arriving in to Plymouth.




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Now the second run from Plymouth to Okehampton.

First up is Nicks contribution as the Western has now mysteriously become D1010 Western Campaigner!