As well as today’s post on the Northern Belle we have had a few other shots sent in to share. Thanks to all who continue to contribute! we have also shared a few of the wavers from today but i can’t possibly catch you all. The banner is certainly making everyone far more aware of where the San Remo camera is situated and we are loving the interaction from those who pass by.

Lets start with constant DB’ers David and Marilyn who have been on the wall today. Here is David infront of our banner at San Remo.


Eric was busy snapping David and Marilyn as they were busy watching themselves via the mobile phone.


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Marilyn sat on the bench waving at the Blenheim camera.


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Our friendly wall cleaner is back for another year.

Screenshot 2016-06-04 09.57.14

Can you see yourself waving?

Screenshot 2016-06-04 16.06.24

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Screenshot 2016-06-04 16.09.07

Screenshot 2016-06-04 16.10.10

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Screenshot 2016-06-04 16.36.53

A shot sent in by Sarah which shows how less intrusive the new street lighting in Marine Parade is. No more orange glow


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Some of todays railway traffic starting off with the Green GWR HST set

Screenshot 2016-06-04 09.58.47

Screenshot 2016-06-04 14.08.11

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Time for 57603 to take it’s turn on the summer only saturday run

Screenshot 2016-06-04 14.32.37

Screenshot 2016-06-04 18.11.15

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Screenshot 2016-06-04 18.14.37

Screenshot 2016-06-04 20.05.52

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