Starting the morning dry and cloudy with showers soon developing & will be heavy at times. Sunny intervals will be far and few in between the rain.

Winds: SW 11-14mph
Temp: 15C
Pollen level: MODERATE
UV: medium
Sunrise/sunset: 5:01am/9:28pm

Tide times:
High 2:51am – 2.75m
Low 9:27am – 1.16m
High 3:40pm – 2.77m
Low 9:49pm – 1.29m

Sunny spells & showers to start, heavy rain during the afternoon with a good chance of some thunder and lightning thrown in. This will continue into the early evening. (Keep an eye on those Dawlish Beach cameras!)

Winds: NNW 6-9mph
Temp: 17C
Pollen level: ??HIGH??
UV: medium
Sunrise/Sunset: 5:01am/9:29pm

Tide times:
High 3:58am – 2.81m
Low 10:16am – 1.07m
High 4:36pm – 2.92m
Low 10:46pm – 1.13m

I’m afraid it’s another day of sunny spells and heavy showers! No storms forecast for today though.

Winds: NW 9-11mph
Temp: 17C
Pollen level: MODERATE
UV: ??HIGH??
Sunrise/Sunset: 5:01am/9:29pm

Tide times:
High 4:53am – 2.94m
Low 11:06am – 0.93m
High 5:23pm – 3.11m
Low 11:34pm – 0.94m

A nice day at last! Light cloud and large sunny spells throughout the day. Enjoy it!

Winds: NW 7-9mph
Temp: 18C
Pollen level: ??HIGH??
Sunrise/Sunset: 5:01am/9:29pm

Tide times:
High 5:40am – 3.09m
Low 11:49am – 0.78m
High 6:05pm – 3.29m

Hope everyone has a lovely few days!😃

Forecaster/spotter (SWSC)