A bit of variety to report today in the gloom of flaming June! Colin has kindly been out with his camera to give a few different angles and we have shot’s from Eric and Harry as well as our own pictures and Video of this evenings passes.

Where’s the sun gone? At least it wasn’t raining when Retro livery HST 43002 “Sir Kenneth Grange” sped by on it’s way to Plymouth this morning. The named gentleman was the designer of the locomotives nose cone and this year is the 40th anniversary of when the HST was put into service. – Colin Campbell.


More shots from Colin.



43002 Pacing Past San Remo Camera Bound For Plymouth – Harry Bennellick


Next we have 43002 passing Blenheim camera.

Screenshot 2016-06-01 19.37.55

Back to Colin now for 66849 Wylam Dilly on the rail train for good measure.



Now Erics catch - Colas 66849 with a rail-train.


Back again to Colin who ventured up to Dawlish Warren for these superb pictures. Hurrah, the test train turned up on time tonight. Shame it was pushing but here it is arriving at the Warren where it waited for the Penzance HST to pass by. – Colin Campbell.







Back to Eric again as Colas 37116 pushes the test train past San Remo camera.

13304997_1039895999434839_5814416252271309454_o (1)

Screenshot 2016-06-01 21.17.10

Screenshot 2016-06-01 21.23.44

Finally for today is the video containing both the rail replacement and test train passing both cameras.


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