Day 5 of the tour which had begun from Edinburgh, today started  from Gloucester at 4.35am heading for Bath via Newton Abbot! This is a luxury tour costing almost £10k per passenger of which there are only 36 in total and who sleep on board. I suppose it was intended to be a treat to travel along the famous Dawlish sea wall but there were very few people observed looking out at 6.30am when it pulled into Dawlish Warren platform to allow the Penzance train to pass it. Look out for the open platform with railings  at the rear of the train as it heads back along the sea wall. It was again being sidelined into the Warren platform loop on the return to enable the Golden Hind express service to pass it. Thank goodness the 150 DMU didn’t come a little earlier than it did!   GBRf altered these two locomotives, 66743 & 66746 from their blue livery to the Royal Scotsman maroon livery  when they won the franchise earlier this year.

For those who are interested the full tour can be seen here —


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Thanks to Nick Campbell who took all the photographs and video footage at Teignmouth.





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