Saturday 16th July 2016 see’s a very unusual visit to the wall with Four Class 73’s top and tailing the UK Railtours “Herd of Wildebeest” tour from London Waterloo to Paignton and back. This really is worth a trip to the wall with your camera and as Colin is unavailable we’d love to see your pictures on our Facebook page. If you want to post pictures and videos, then we will do our best to include them in the main post on Saturday.

So the all important details… Two class 73/9’s & two class 73/0 or 73/1’s should be on each end as the tour passes us around 13.01 as 1Z73. The return will be 1Z74 at 16.58. My thanks to Damon for this info.

My thanks also go to Railcam and Steve for the header picture! If you haven’t visited Railcam yet and have an interest in live cams then please do. We work closely together and have always supported each other. Additionally, if you are a transport enthusiast in general then let me recommend a visit to Steve’s blog at