Dawlish Beach has a problem and we need you wonderful DB’ers to help us sort it.

For the last month we have been busy sorting through our library of pictures and desperately trying to select the images for the 2017 Calendar. It really is incredible just how many images we share through our pages in a year. Some from San Remo, some from Blenheim and now Mount Pleasant to add in. On top of that we have the wonderful contribution from Colin Campbell and lastly, and certainly not least we have your images that have contributed so much.

So whats the problem? Well believe me when I say trying to find the cover and 12 monthly pictures from such a wide selection is just about impossible and that’s where you come in. We will be posting three selections on our pages. One for San Remo, One for Blenheim and One for Colin. We would like you to choose your favourite image from each by typing the number in the comments section. Hopefully you will find this just as difficult as we do but the end result should give us the top two popular images in each group to include.

For those who take part and choose one of the selected images, we will make a random draw. The lucky winner will receive both the 2017 calendar and one of our Dawlish Beach mugs.

So just before we give you the shortlist of photos we have one final challenge. We want your images too! Find your best photo taken around Dawlish in the last year and post it to our Facebook page. Provided the image is of a suitable quality for printing purposes, the winner will have their photo included in the calendar. The winner will also receive a copy of the calendar and a mug as well.

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55009 Alycidon on return 008


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