Tonight see’s the first of the BBC’s program’s on Train spotting and we are hoping that ourselves and Railcam can at least get a mention at some stage. The three program’s are being presented by Peter Snow from Didcot and feature live footage of the passing traffic. Additionally they will have presenters Dr Hannah Fry, Dick Strawbridge and Tim Dunn reprting from different parts of the country.

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We have been asked to submit some footage as this is what Dawlish Beach and our friends at Railcam have been doing for some time. Train Spotting live would like your contributions too and so we would invite anyone to share screen shots to Twitter using the #TrainspottingLive tag. We’ve been busy for the past week doing exactly that and we can only wait and see how things work out.

Don’t forget that Dawlish Beach has a twitter account if you want to follow us and you can even follow me using simontdeane.

What better place is there to watch Trains Live?

Screenshot 2016-07-11 17.51.02


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