Today saw the second run of this year’s Torbay Express. Like last week the locomotive on the front was Royal Scot and we have the footage from San Remo and Blenheim cams in the following video.

After last weeks struggle to get up the Somerset banks, the tour was shadowed by GBRF 66732 and i have included it in the video.

First camera shot is from the new and FREE Mount Pleasant camera as Royal Scot approaches the footbridge.

Screenshot 2016-07-10 11.29.47

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Next we pass San Remo and sadly the Sun decided to dip behind the clouds spoiling the light.

Screenshot 2016-07-10 11.30.27

Plenty of people out waiting for the Royal Scot today

Screenshot 2016-07-10 11.30.41

And here she is passing the Blenheim camera on the first pass.

Screenshot 2016-07-10 11.30.52

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Time for the interloper. OK it’s only a 66 but it was a rare sight in the GBRF livery so worth sharing

Screenshot 2016-07-10 11.36.12

Screenshot 2016-07-10 11.36.35

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Time to take everyone back to Bristol Temple Meads

Screenshot 2016-07-10 17.47.03

Hopefully 66732 won’t be needed today.

Screenshot 2016-07-10 17.49.55

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Now thats our pics out of the way i have a couple from Jo and her Friends of Dawlish Station page. Superb shots and please do visit the Facebook page and support them.



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If you have enjoyed this and wish to be in the draw to win a coal model of Royal Scot, our competition is at the top of the Facebook page. I’ll even allow those paying attention a second opportunity by entering on this post. Just leave us a comment!