This week’s Torbay Express was thankfully back to steam hauled after the previous failure of Royal Scot leaving us with a class 66. The following post is a combination of our own footage and contributions sent in by our wonderful page followers. As you will see, one in particular got much closer than anyone else! We hope you enjoy the recap of the day with the following.

The Torbay Express left Bristol Temple Meads at 9.15 this morning and travelled down to Taunton for a water stop. The first video is from Sam who took this footage of her arrival.

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Whilst at Taunton Sam managed to take a number of photographs




The old and the new! Just not the way you would expect as Tornado was only completed in 2008.


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Now i did mention that someone got closer than most! Sam, who was on the diesel hauled Torbay Express for his birthday, seems to have forgotten his disappointment of a couple of weeks ago as he was invited on to Tornado’s footplate! What a lucky young man and what an absolute treat from the crew.


Great shot taken inside Tornado!


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How about this for a fantastic picture? Tornado prepares to leave Taunton


Away she goes on her way to pass the Duchess of Sutherland at Tiverton.


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Not sure how i follow that as Sam’s contribution has been fantastic! However onward we go and Neil was at Exeter St Davids with our mobile camera to catch Tornado passing through. Additionally, Colin was at Langstone Rock with camera’s poised and i have the easy bit of not moving from my sofa to catch the down run of Tornado.

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Screenshot 2016-08-07 11.26.31

Screenshot 2016-08-07 11.27.33

Screenshot 2016-08-07 11.27.57

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The next contribution is a regular from our friend Roger who is keeping me on my toes with another new location. This time it’s Powderham.

A couple of photographs from Colin now as i try to put everything in the correct order.



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Fantastic shot from Richard who wasn’t so far away from the San Remo camera.


Back to Dawlish now and video’s from Chris at Coastguards Bridge

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And from John at Dawlish Railway Station

And Ben on the curve in to Teignmouth


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Tornado through Teignmouth now from Mark

Time for the return passing Blenheim and San Remo cameras


Followed by Colin on the wall



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Now to end as we started, it’s back to Sam at Worle as the Torbay Express makes her way back to Bristol Temple Meads with Tornado.


Many many thanks to all of you who have contributed to this post.

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