The second of the steam inspired posts is all about 46233 Duchess of Sutherland on the Railway Touring Company’s Royal Duchy from Bristol Temple Meads to Par and back. Now while it was from Bristol, the tour was taken as far as Taunton by Diesel before the Duchess was put on to take the tour to Cornwall. The Duchess of Sutherland spent her night on the WSR at Bishops Lydeard before making the short trip to Taunton. Again we can start with Sam who was stationed at Taunton for we DB’ers. His first offering shows Duchess of Sutherland reversing in to position and waiting for the Royal Duchy to arrive. Quite a crowd looking on.

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A few of Sam’s photographs



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Time for 46233 to head away from Taunton. She went 20 minutes down the line and then sat and waited for an hour at Tiverton loop for the Torbay Express to pass.


West Coast class 57 left behind at Taunton to wait for the return run to Bristol tonight.


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So things are in much the same order as the Tornado post, next up is the DB footage from Exeter, Colin at Langstone Rock and then the DB San Remo and Blenheim cameras.


Colin’s view of the Duchess of Sutherland rounding the bend and on to the wall at Langstone Rock.


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Screenshot 2016-08-07 12.01.36

Screenshot 2016-08-07 12.02.00

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Time now to go back to Roger at Powderham

Next is Chris who moved to the Station for the Royal Duchy

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Then it’s over to Ben on the wall at Teignmouth

And then to Mark again as the Duchess passes through Teignmouth Station

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For the return run we had hoped to try two new locations with the live broadcast. Sadly the Royal Duchy ran 10 minutes early and we couldn’t get to the first location in time. Undeterred Neil raced across to Totnes where the Duchess was due to stand for 16 minutes having a drink. Sadly for the second time we were thwarted by a lack of suitable signal to broadcast live. We are still researching locations with suitable signals and its a work in progress. However, as Jim Bowen used to say… Look at what you could have seen!

Roger was also over at Totnes and sent us in his video

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As always, here are the results from Blenheim and San Remo of a slow pass under peachy skies

Screenshot 2016-08-07 20.01.48

Screenshot 2016-08-07 20.02.45

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A cracking shot sent in from Bridgette of Duchess of Sutherland from the Beach side.


We were lucky to have DB’er, Matthew on board the Royal Duchy and in the end i decided to compile his videos and photographs in to one complete video to show the trip from Exeter tp Par and back. If you were on the wall with a camera, you may well have been caught from the other side. Thanks for the efforts Matthew!

The last of this post see’s the Duchess of Sutherland at Dawlish Warren. She stopped here for a ten minute wait before heading back to Taunton. This great video from a different angle was sent in by Gazz

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