There has been some serious interest ahead of Sunday’s double steam event on the wall. It certainly seems to be a long time since we had two workings on the same day and this one will certainly have the enthusiasts lining the wall. If you are planning on photographing or videoing then we suggest you allow plenty of time to find a suitable vantage point and remember to send your results in to us.

First up is the Torbay Express.

Hauled by†LNER A1 Class 4-6-2 no 60163 Tornado the Tour departs from Bristol Temple Meads at 0915, passes the Dawlish Beach cameras around 1129 and arrives at Kingswear for 1228. Headcode will be 1Z27. The return details are 1Z28, departs Kingswear at 1650, passing us at 1742 and arriving back at Bristol Temple Meads at 2007.

The following are the links from UK Steam and Real Time Trains for the timings and details.


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Next up is the Railway Touring Company’s Royal Duchy.


At present we are still waiting confirmation that†LMS Coronation Class 8P 4-6-2 no 46233 Duchess of Sutherland has received the relevant permission to run. This is known as gauging and covers the safety aspect of ensuring that a locomotive can pass stations, bridges and trackside structures without striking them. Network Rail have to give this clearance before a locomotive is permitted to run on a route. This issue caused an uproar earlier in the year when Flying Scotsman faced a cancellation due to the gauging information not being collated in time by NR. Sadly this is far from rare and is always a hurdle for the touring companies to get cleared in time. Whereas Flying Scotsman drew a huge public revolt, causing NR to do a very quick turnaround, most tours have to swallow the bitter pill.

Now that said and with all fingers and toes crossed we hope to welcome the first visit of a Duchess to the wall. Details are as follows

The Royal Duchy, 1Z37 departs Bristol Temple Meads at 0848 behind Diesel traction. It arrives in Taunton at 0936 where the††LMS Coronation Class 8P 4-6-2 no 46233 Duchess of Sutherland will be attatched. The Duchess will be over nighting at Bishops Lydeard on the WSR.

The Royal Duchy will then depart at 0946 and make it’s way to Tiverton for a water stop. I imagine that this stop was assuming that the steam was from Bristol so there is no telling what will happen if you are viewing from Tiverton!

At this point the Torbay Express should come past which should give a great photo opportunity if the location allows.

The Royal Duchy then departs Tiverton at 1119 and follows the Torbay Express down the mainline, passing Dawlish Beach around 1153 and arrives into Par at 1402.

The return details are 1Z38 departs Par at 1740, Pausing at Totnes for 20 minutes to take on water between 1931 and 1948, passes Dawlish Beach at 2014. †The Duchess will be removed at Fairwater Yard in Taunton at 2150 before the tour returns to Bristol Temple Meads with Diesel for 22.45.

Again, the links for UK Steam and Real Time Trains follow to help if you are planning on a sighting along the routes.

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