As of December 2016, we have introduced a new Dawlish Beach platinum subscription in to the mix.

This new platinum subscription will include all the benefits of the Gold Subscription but will also include access to our roaming camera.

We have been using this camera for current subscribers to evaluate†throughout the later part of 2016 to see if it’s an addition that interests them.

We will use this camera for railway specials and other events that are relevant to Dawlish for example Dawlish celebrates Carnival for example.

The footage to the right is a recording from the live coverage of the Princess Elizabeth in September 2016.

Below is also some of the coverage from 2016’s Dawlish Celebrates Carnival.

You can either purchase the subscription using the weekly, monthly, quarterly or Annual subscriptions or just purchase a platinum daily rate that will work for non subscribers as well as Silver and Gold subscribers. This will allow access to the roaming camera for 24 hours. This is great if you only want to watch selected events.

At only an extra £10 per year more than the Gold subscription, we feel this is great value for money as the Platinum requires camera operators too and can be in a variety of places.

If you would like to upgrade and you already have a recurring subscription with us you cancel your current subscription here.†You will still be able to†watch your current subscription until the end date once you have cancelled.

If you would like to upgrade and you still have quite a length of time until your Silver or gold subscription ends, then please purchase the Platinum subscription and then message us here to receive a refund for the time left on your old subscription.

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