Good evening. Here are your Dawlish weather and tide times for the weekend.

A lovely and bright day with lots of sun but feeling cold. There is a YELLOW warning in place for ice.

Winds: NW 13-19mph
Temp: 6C
Sunrise/sunset: 08:10/16:36

Tide times:
Low 01:04 – 0.1m
High 07:17 – 4.1m
Low 13:33 – -0.02m
High 19:41 – 3.8m

A cloudy day overall with the small chance of a sunny spell throughout.

Winds: NW 10-14mph
Temp: 8C
Sunrise/sunset: 08:09/16:38

Tide times:
High 01:45 – 0.14m
Low 07:57 – 4.06m
High 14:13 – 0.04m
Low 20:21 – 3.71m

Michelle McDonald, UK South West Storm Chasers.